Frequently Asked Questions

I need a prescription for my mask for Diving and Snorkelling, how do I proceed?
You will need a current spectacle optical prescription (less than 2 years old) (a contact lens prescription is unsuitable). Simply visit your optometrist for a prescription. You may elect to have your optometrist arrange the prescription dive mask to be made with us, or contact us direct with your prescription details.

Do you send masks internationally?
We have no restrictions where we send our dive masks, and we have sent to many countries without problems.

What masks can be fitted with prescription lenses?
We have a range of suitable masks which makes selection very straightforward. We are able to fit most twin face plate masks with prescription lenses.
If you wish to use your own mask please contact us first to see if your mask is suitable to be fitted with prescription lenses.
Masks with plastic lenses are unusable.
The most suitable masks are those with separate twin face plates, and which can be disassembled for lens fitting. 
**Low volume masks are unsuitable with most prescriptions. Single face plate masks are acceptable, but only with minor prescriptions and not low volume masks. Please email us to see if your own mask is acceptable before proceeding**

What if I have bifocals in my reading glasses; can I get these in my mask?
Yes you can.  We can also make Franklin bifocals that can have a reading segment for your gauges as big or small as you desire.  All lenses are custom made, in our laboratory in South Australia.

How extensive is the script range? has an extensive script range and we can make lenses for practically any prescription. We check all scripts very carefully prior to start of lens manufacture, if there are any issues will contact you once we have your full spectacle prescription to clarify.

I bought pre-moulded prescription lenses for my mask but they don’t feel quite right.  Why is this?
This is because every person’s face is different.  Pre-moulded lenses have a distance between the pupils known as the pupillary distance (P.D.) of about 62mm.  People’s PD’s can range from 50mm-75mm.  As the strength of your script increases the worse your eyestrain will become, as they are not custom made for you.

Pre-moulded lenses only come in sphere powers, what if I have an Astigmatism and or Prism?
"Astigmatism" causes something called cylinder which is different to the sphere power catered for by ready-mades. Cylinder can only be corrected by customised lenses. They eye of a person with astigmatism is shaped more like a football or the back of a spoon.  For this person, when light enters the eye it is refracted more in one direction that the other, allowing only part of the object to be in focus at one time.  Objects at any distance can appear blurry and wavy.

"Prism" corrects muscular problems with the eyes causing things like lazy eye and other optical effects.

Ready-made prescription lenses have some inherent limitations which can only be rectified by custom made lenses made to a divers exact prescription. We can make lenses with allowance for astigmatism and prism and there is no extra charge.  Why get a lens that is close when you can have perfect vision! If your prescription shows cylinder power then you will need correction for astigmatism.

Can I have prescription lenses in my big single plate mask?
At we understand that people become attached to their favorite masks so even though we don’t recommend laminating lenses into a single plate mask because the lens cosmetics are just not as neat we will make them for you.

Why does Prescription Dive offer Premium lenses?
Our Premium lenses have a Higher refractive index which enable us to make thinner lenses with the same power. Divers can have high scripts made which would otherwise not be possible. A diver with high powers could potentially have trouble if the edge or centre of the lens makes contact with the face or temples in use resulting in a potentially very uncomfortable dive. Premium lenses are thinner and more comfortable for the wearer.

What if I want a Single Eye Lens?
We find that some divers only want a lens for one eye and we are happy to make a lens for one eye, or indeed a different lens for each eye. See our Mixed lens option above.

How long does it take to make my prescription dive mask?
The average turn-around time for your prescription dive mask to be completed is from 2-3 weeks. Virtually all jobs are dispatched within a fortnight. There is no rush job charge. If your job is urgent and you have a specific date you need your mask by, please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate this.
**Due to COVID-19 this turn around time may vary to due staff illness, staff isolation and courier delays**

Do I need to treat my lenses before I dive?
The prescription lenses have been polished during our manufacturing process and no special treatment is needed to prevent fogging. If a diver wants to treat their lenses we suggest contacting your dive shop for anti-fogging solution.

If I damage my mask can you refit my lenses into a new mask?
Provided that your lenses are undamaged we can remove your lenses from your damaged mask and refit them into a mask with the same shape.

What if I am not happy with the lenses?
If you are not happy with the workmanship of our product, please contact us regarding a warranty exchange or remake. Please see our returns policy.

Can i use any mask for my Franklin Bifocal?
Unfortunately not. Masks which cannot be disassembled are unsuitable for use with Franklin Bifocal lenses.  An example of such a mask would be the Hollis M1 mask.  This is because the face-plates cannot be removed from the mask to ensure that the lenses are correctly aligned, and given the complexity of manufacturing a Franklin Bifocal an unacceptably high reject rate occurs with Franklin Bifocals.  If in doubt, please call us to discuss.