About Us

Prescription Dive, was launched in January 2009. We are the exclusive manufacturing specialists of Prescription Dive masks in Australia.

At Prescription Dive, we understand that visibility and safety are the most important aspects of any dive. Our masks offer the diver unmatched clarity with our optical quality glass lenses. Each lens made is customised to the diver’s individual needs.

Our team can make whatever lens you require, from gauge readers to near or distance focused lenses and bifocals for both near and distance. All lenses are designed to improve visibility in low light conditions.

Each lens is made at our laboratory by our highly experienced optical team. We make a variety of other lenses onsite including:

  • Ophthalmic lenses
  • Lenses for surgical instruments
  • Certified prescription safety spectacles
  • Specialty lenses for extreme scripts

As a manufacturer of specialised optics we have been able to develop a unique range of high refractive index lenses for dive masks. This technology has enabled us to expand the prescription range and make the lenses thinner and lighter, resulting in greater comfort for the wearer. These options are exclusive to Prescription Dive.