Tusa Sport Liberator (No Case Included)

Size Guide: 

Suitable for Average / Medium face shape (NB: No mask case included)


This Tusa Sport Liberator Mask is a high performance mask with an affordable price tag. The Tusa Sport Liberator masks are often the first choice of many divers offering comfort and features to suit most adult medium to large faces and diving styles.


  • A high grade hypoallergenic crystal silicone skirt and strap for added comfort
  • 2-window design for maximum field of view
  • ClearVu tempered glass lens
  • EZ adjust buckle technology
  • High quality polycarbonate frame with a choice of fashionable frame colours


  • Clear skirt with Clear Blue frame

Available in:

Gauge Reader
Best for divers who normally wear reading glasses but can see well in the distance.  Magnifies near objects.  Necessary for reading your gauges, camera or computer... Learn More
Single Vision
Best for divers who normally wear glasses to see better in the distance only.  Necessary for divers who snorkel only and/or can see their gauges and camera etc but can’t see clearly in the distance... Learn More
Best for divers who normally wear multifocal or bifocal lenses in their glasses.  Necessary for divers needing both distance and near correction at all times... Learn More


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Type: Dive Mask

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