Oceanic Titan - Limited Stock

Size Guide: 

Suitable for Large face shape


The new Titan mask is a dual lens tier drop design sporting the unique push button buckles system that allows quick and easy strap alteration. The flexible in-built silicone buckle attachment gives unsurpassed freedom of movement and unlike rigid designs, the Titan mask moves and flexes during your dive and assists in reducing damage in the case of accidental collision.


  • Flexible built in silicone buckles
  • Push button buckle system for quick and easy strap alteration
  • High quality tempered glass lenses

Available in:

Gauge Reader

Best for divers who normally wear reading glasses but can see well in the distance.  Magnifies near objects.  Necessary for reading your gauges, camera or computer... Learn More

Single Vision

Best for divers who normally wear glasses to see better in the distance only.  Necessary for divers who snorkel only and/or can see their gauges and camera etc but can’t see clearly in the distance... Learn More


Best for divers who normally wear multifocal or bifocal lenses in their glasses.  Necessary for divers needing both distance and near correction at all times... Learn More


Type: Dive Mask